USA here we come

Hi all!

I’m so glad to see that some people have actually read what I have written 🙂


Already in TWO days my husband and I are about to fly to USA! Can’t wait! We have planned this trip since ages and the flights tickets have been bought in August last year already… The time is flying and here we are, packing all the essentials, planning the trips, contacting our friends and organizing the last small things.

The trip will last 2 weeks and we are going to visit New York City, Philadelphia and Washington. This will be our first time in America! We have booked some free tours from Free Walking Tours in Philly @and DC. Besides that we have booked the Statue of liberty trip already a few months before as we’ve heard you must do it in advance if you want to access the crown.


I am planning to take many pictures so be ready for some long posts once I’m back. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @aga_d For sure I will post quite some pictures there during the trip.

If you have any tips about what to see and where to eat out in NYC, Philly or DC, please let me know 🙂 All help will be appreciated.