Beginnings are always hard


So here I am, writing a blog.

It stresses me and at the same time excites. I feel like I want to share my thoughts and opinions with others but I guess it is not easy to get used to that other people all over the world are going to read it.

I am not a native English speaker so in advance I apologize for my mistakes! 🙂 I feel like in the first post I should write a little bit more about myself. So here we go…

About Aga

In 2009, after graduating high school in Poland, I have decided to turn my life upside-down and move to Denmark to study there. During my studies I have visited other countries and met my husband 🙂 2 years ago we have settled down in Denmark.

I will try to write about all my trips, adventures, studying abroad, marrying a foreigner, being an expat, learning languages and many many more in my next posts. So stay tuned!